Hi there, you art fans!



Welcome to the blog for my "Daily Paintings," also known as "a Painting a Day," a selection of my own work,

each completed within a single day and reflecting a wide range of themes.


This is where you'll find those unspectacular things that form part of  everyday life and receive a special aura of their own when I interpret

  them into paintings. They can be the bits and pieces I come across in my atelier or somewhere else during the course  of the day, or landscapes,

or images of light which create some particular meaning. Or they may be some aspect of art history or photographs

 from various print media which have triggered an inspiration to turn them into paint.


So there's a vast store of themes that find their way into my daily work and find an echo with me – and maybe with you too.

The site is updated regularly on the blog "Ralf Scherfose – Daily Paintings."


The paintings come in various small formats in oil on board (MDF) or on canvasboard (MDF), complete with frame and passepartout.

You can purchase one for a really attractive price, plus delivery costs, ordering direct from me by e-mail.

→ →  You can also participate in the current daily painting auction to purchase a painting. ← ←

Furthermore I will publish at this blog my newest larger paintings. Each painting is its own unique work of art.


Please note the terms of sale, cancellation policy, details of framing and delivery conditions.


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I look forward to welcoming you as a regular visitor to this blog.




Ralf Scherfose