Terms of Sale

I. Offer and acceptance

Ralf Scherfose (the vendor) offers paintings for sale on the internet. Persons wishing to buy paintings (the purchaser) may visit

the vendor’s blogs or subscribe to the blog. The acceptance of the vendor’s offer by a purchaser constitutes a contract.

II. Purchasing procedure

Paintings are offered with a set price and are for sale when published on the blog www.scherfose-dailypaintings.blogspot.com or www.dailypainter.de

The purchaser can order a painting by sending the vendor an e-mail indicating acceptance of the offer.

When the vendor receives the acceptance, the purchaser will receive confirmation by e-mail with full details.


→ →  You can also participate in the current daily painting auction to purchase a painting.  ← ←


The bids are not made public. There is a "hidden bidding".

All bids will be collected until the end of the auction.

During the bidding period each participant of the auction can get information through e-mail on the actuel highest bid.

But there is no entitlement to transmission of the current bid status.

The buyer with the highest bid at auction end recives purchase confirmation per e-mail.


The purchase price includes a high-quality frame plus suitable packaging.


III. Conclusion of contract


Conclusion of contract takes place on receipt by the vendor of the purchaser’s e-mail accepting the offer. The purchaser will then receive

a confirmatory e-mail containing full details, including cancellation policy.


IV. Payment


The purchase price (including delivery costs) is payable before delivery, not later than 14 days after receipt by the purchaser of the confirmatory e-mail.

Payment takes place when the full price as shown on the confirmatory e-mail has been credited to the vendor’s bank account.


Germany: Payment can be made via bank transfer.


Eurozone: Payment by bank transfer (via IBAN) or PayPal.


Other countries: Payment by PayPal.


All bank charges are payable by the purchaser. Only the full payment of the amount shown on the confirmatory e-mail will be accepted.  

There are no facilities for instalment payments, discounts, extension of the 14-day period for payment, etc.


Purchases which remain unpaid will automatically result in refusal to accept further orders until all outstanding amounts have been paid.

The vendor retains the right to cancel a sale where legally justified, e.g. when the full price has not been paid.

V. Delivery


Delivery normally takes place by post.


a) Germany: delivery costs of approximately 6.90 Euro will be added to the price for each painting.


b) European Union (other than Germany): delivery costs may vary between 9 Euro and 17 Euro


c) Other countries: delivery costs may exceed 17 Euro and there may be customs and other charges to pay by the purchaser.

Purchasers are advised to get information on these costs in advance.


d) The vendor bears no responsibility for loss or damage during delivery. Paintings sent by post are insured according to the  

  conditions of the relevant postal authorities.



Paintings can also be collected, by arrangement, from the vendor’s atelier in Kassel:


Ralf Scherfose | Schlangenweg 24 | 34117 Kassel

Phone: (0049) (0) 561 24651 


Please do not call without an appointment.



Purchasers are reminded that every painting has to dry thoroughly before it can be delivered. This can take up to ten days.

When the painting is dry and payment received, the painting will be dispatched to the delivery address indicated.


Every painting is photographed before dispatch. If a painting is delivered with damage to the packaging which has also damaged the painting,

please inform the vendor immediately.


A Daily Painting is a unique work of art. All copyright remains with the vendor. The attention of purchasers is drawn to the possible

consequences arising from copyright laws in the event of a painting being resold.


An e-mail from a purchaser, accepting the vendor’s offer of a painting, also constitutes acceptance of these terms of sale.


If there are any questions regarding terms of sale, please contact by e-mail and note the cancellation policy.